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Stump grinding Maitland is a professional owner-operator business dedicated to providing superior customer service we do the job right. We have a compact lightweight grinder that will fit through all gates which means we can get to and remove all old tree trunks. There is nowhere we can't cut or grind. Difficult access? "No problem".

Larger tree stumps can be ground out using our stump grinder. Pulling a tree out can only be done on small trees and removes more than grinding. However it can only be carried out for small trees and can disturb the ground around the tree.

Maitland Stump Grinding provides the best stump grinding services. Once a tree lopper has cut down your tree you are left with an ugly stump sticking out of the ground. We offer a hassle free low priced service for removing tree stumps in and around the New South Wales.

We also do services for Tree Removal Cessnock

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